Here we are...

Welcome to my place. What brought you here? Do you like it so far? Are you vibing with these random thoughts that I sometimes transform into songs? What do you think about LOVE? Are you obsessed with it or is it kind of mid and overrated? Do you feel like you found LOVE or will ever find it? Do you expect it to find you instead? Do you even WANT it to? 

It’s kind of crazy, isn’t it? All our lives we’re told we can’t live without it yet many of us have never known it. Why would something so important be so elusive and rare? Shouldn’t it be as plentiful as…say…oxygen? Shouldn’t it be infinitely abundant? 

Maybe we’re overthinking it, though. Maybe it’s always been here and we’re just missing it. Maybe it’s literally right under our noses… Maybe LOVE is just…US. Maybe we ARE love. 

I dunno, what do you think?

Come With Me...

Private Listen. Shhh!! Don't Tell Nobody! (Unreleased)



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