Here We Go...

Welcome to the madness that is the inside of my mind.  There's much more of this universe I'd like to share with you than just music stuff…but let's take it slow.  First of all, you need to know that I will not beg or try to convince you to go on this journey with me.  I believe things are best shared when everyone involved is seeking the same truth.  We're all here on this planet both as individuals and as a collective, constantly morphing mega-organism.  We bend, twist, turn, squeeze, shape, and reshape each other and the world around us - sometimes for the worse, but more oft than not, for the better.  My hope is that I can somehow add to the better portion of our development.  Is that something you would like?

Life is challenging, isn't it?  Many would say that “life is hard…” but I like the word challenging in place of the word hard.  The reason being is that we often think of hard (or difficult) as something we suffer through.  However, challenges can be equally as frustrating and painful as hard but we approach challenging from a completely different angle.  Think of it like a video game.  A great video game is one that challenges you in many ways.  You may get frustrated.  You may get stuck for days or weeks.  You may rage quit a few times.  You may ask someone for help.  You may range quit a few more times.  And then a few more times.  One thing you don't do is quit!  You keep coming back and you keep getting better until, eventually, you advance.  Another thing you don't do while playing a challenging game is feel inadequate.  You don't feel like you're in a survival situation.  You don't feel like ending your own life.  You simply accept the challenge and fight through it.

What if we treated life the same way?  Instead of feeling inadequate when we fail at something, what if we took a step back and came back to it?  What if we were just as determined to reach our life goals as we were to reach the next level in the game?  What if, instead of turning to substance and self abuse, we instead chose to ask for help and try again?  And again?  And again?  And maybe rage quit a few times…then try again.  And again.  How many goals would we reach?  How would we then feel about ourselves?  How would we then be able to help others around us?  Overcoming a challenge is incredibly thrilling.  The more challenges you overcome, the more challenges you're willing to take on because your confidence grows exponentially.

So let's start off by accepting Life itself as a giant challenge…or rather a never ending series of challenges.  And the end of those challenges is something great.  Something worth Living for.  Something we can all accomplish as individuals and as a collective: some challenges require a collaborative effort.  You've already overcome at least one major challenge in your existence: being born!  That's right, many of you don't realize the challenges and obstacles you had to overcome post conception (you can google some stuff about that!).  Yet here you are.  Here we are.  What are we gonna do now?  I don't know but I'm willing to accept the challenge of figuring it out.  How about you?

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